The show is called Jazz Originals.  We produce it here, where it's streamed (sorry, no archive) every Sunday at 6 pm CST and repeated every Thursday at 8 pm CST. 



Laura Badollet
06/09/2009 19:44

Butch, you forgot to tell the folks that your radio broadcast, "Jazz Originals" is streamed on KBEM fm, Minneapolis.

Search for: You'll have to try KBEM radio, on line, streaming, listen, or variations thereof. You'll eventually get the program. It's well worth the try.

10/21/2010 02:47

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11/03/2010 19:09

Once we started thinking and believing we could do it, anything was possible.

John and Mary Roche
08/08/2011 15:27

Just a note to say how much we enjoy your Jazz Originals show. We often saw it when you recorded it down in the "basement" in St. Paul.
Last Thurs, 4Aug, was the best
we've heard. Thanks for all the
joy your talent provides.
John and Mary


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