This is a roundup of shots from our two weeks in the Land of Dreams last month.  These images don't need much explication, but here's what I think: New Orleans is putting up a very good front for the tourists, but Katrina -- or rather the man-made disaster triggered by that storm -- hasn't gone away, and it never will.  



05/21/2009 04:55

The Katrina video is sobering and mind-blowing.

05/21/2009 04:59

Wonderful pictures. I detect the ornithological and botanical eye of Mary Ellen.


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    Scenes from Florida, 2/24-3/6.Backstage: a pensive Hal Smith, Marty Eggers retrofitting rented bass, Topsy Chapman puzzling. Post-concert: the trio, Topsy with daughters Jolynda and Yolanda.  Next day: gardenia, Sanibel sunset. 

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