This weekend I'm playing (deep breath) The Original "Blind" Boone Ragtime and Early Jazz Festival  in Columbia, Missouri.  This event celebrates the African-American piano virtuoso John William "Blind" Boone.  This is a great festival, where some of Boone's music is indeed played, but not exclusively.  Among other delights, my friends Morten Gunnar Larsen (a great pianist from Oslo) and Vernel Bagneris (New Orleans-born actor, writer, dancer) will perform their hit off-Broadway show "Jelly Roll: the Music and the Man."  Stay tuned.  



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    Scenes from Florida, 2/24-3/6.Backstage: a pensive Hal Smith, Marty Eggers retrofitting rented bass, Topsy Chapman puzzling. Post-concert: the trio, Topsy with daughters Jolynda and Yolanda.  Next day: gardenia, Sanibel sunset. 

    Pedal to the Metal 
    Last week I hit the road for a gig in Missouri.  It was an 8-hour drive.  Here's a look at the glamorous side of the music racket, starting with the morning vitamins.  

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