Yesterday afternoon I played a concert at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  They have a great piano there, but the best part was the halfway decent feedback from the crowd, which makes me play better.  Here I am after the show, interacting with people. 



02/16/2009 13:24

Since spending time talking and listening to you in several San Diego Festivals and having several casettes to listen to.


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Andrew Prokop
02/16/2009 13:45

Halfway decent audience? Should we have thrown money? Would that have brought us up to full decent?

Seriously, great show and nice mix of songs.

Barbi Eysselinck
02/16/2009 14:59

I heard the concert was fab! Fred was there. I was home falling over a rocking chair and giving me to enormous!! black eyes. Guess I won't have much of a social life for a bit.

Hug to ME.

Dick Parker
02/16/2009 15:10

Congratulations on the blog! Do you ever sing "The Frozen Blogger?"

Wish I'd caught your concert on Sunday. Your tribute to Stan Hall on "Prairie Home Companion" Feb. 7 was beautiful.

11/29/2010 19:01

*The more you learn, the more you know.

03/17/2011 23:16

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03/27/2011 20:07

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04/18/2011 00:36

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