Last week, Pat Donohue and I played a tribute blues for my old friend Stan Hall, leader of the Hall Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band of Minneapolis.  I joined the band in April 1962 and have stayed with it ever since.  Stan died on February 4th.  That Saturday, I played his funeral, and later Pat and I played this for him on the radio. Here he is with his wife, Joanne, on a July day in 1991. Photo by Dave Pfankuchen.



The Chuckster
02/14/2009 22:39

Say look!!

Good work with the blog and particularly the excerpt from the show..the piece came through well here in the wee hours of the morning..been thinking of Stan a lot..watched the DVD of the Hall Bros from 1979 and 1981 and Stan was just great as well as the Dave Nimmer interviews with you and Wild Bill..What a guy and what a remarkable life of accomplishment!!

P.S. Excellent shot of Joanne and Stan up in Marine on a break from your wedding reception on 7/20/91...

Thanks for setting this up and we'll see you later (I hope!) at the concert at 4PM or 3:30PM if I can get Jo there in time..

Jane Elliott
02/16/2009 05:33

Thanks for a wonderful concert in Minneapolis on Sunday. Your tribute to Stan Hall was beautiful. You were brilliant and funny as usual.

Jeff Taylor
02/16/2009 19:11

Touching rendition of "Mamie's Blues." I remember well when Stan decided I was "ok" as a piano player...

Andy Moore
02/19/2009 22:45

This evening at work I wrote today's date on a form and immediately starting singing (to myself), "2:19 done took my baby away." Then I got home tonight and decided to check out the blog, and there it was, the 2:19. Thanks for including the link to the show, which I really regretted missing last week after a MN friend called to tell me about Stan and your performance.

When my friends and I went out the Emporium, we usually got a couple of tables right behind the piano, affording us a good view of Stan in action. I always marveled at how casually he seemed to slap those big mitts down on the keyboard--you'd think it was almost at random--and yet got such good music out of it. Nothing fancy, just the essentials, but with a definite personality.

We were intrigued by him, mainly because he was deadpan and didn't talk much and, looming over the piano, looked something like Robert Shaw as the Irish gangster in "The Sting." The boss, a man you wouldn't want to mess with. That image was altered one bitterly cold night after closing when I discovered that my car wouldn't start. Stan got on his coat and went out and jumped it, not easy with a Volkswagen bus. I had no idea what to do and felt bad and foolish watching him lying on the ground, wrestling with the cables, but he was so good-humored about it that I ended up being glad not only for the help but also for the chance to know him just a little better.

And many years later, in the lobby of Orchestra Hall, we shared a cookie.

I hope this blog takes off, Butch. Keep up the good work.


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