Time to go again.  I'm off to Madison (3+ hours) for a matinee gig tomorrow afternoon hosted by the Madison Jazz Society.  Trot (right) and Trilly think I'm crazy.  "Are you serious?  Look at the weather!"


Yesterday afternoon I played a concert at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  They have a great piano there, but the best part was the halfway decent feedback from the crowd, which makes me play better.  Here I am after the show, interacting with people. 


Last week, Pat Donohue and I played a tribute blues for my old friend Stan Hall, leader of the Hall Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band of Minneapolis.  I joined the band in April 1962 and have stayed with it ever since.  Stan died on February 4th.  That Saturday, I played his funeral, and later Pat and I played this for him on the radio. Here he is with his wife, Joanne, on a July day in 1991. Photo by Dave Pfankuchen.



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    Scenes from Florida, 2/24-3/6.Backstage: a pensive Hal Smith, Marty Eggers retrofitting rented bass, Topsy Chapman puzzling. Post-concert: the trio, Topsy with daughters Jolynda and Yolanda.  Next day: gardenia, Sanibel sunset. 

    Pedal to the Metal 
    Last week I hit the road for a gig in Missouri.  It was an 8-hour drive.  Here's a look at the glamorous side of the music racket, starting with the morning vitamins.  

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